Patient Portal Now Available!

The Arthritis Center of Nebraska's Web-based Patient Portal lets patients and our doctors and staff communicate easily, safely and securely over the Internet. Patients are given secure passwords that allow them to log into our system to see their own private set of documents including labs, diagnostics, statements and messages. Our Doctors and staff can automatically remind patients for their health maintenance reminders, procedure due dates and also send them patient statements and lab results electronically minimizing the need for patients to call the office.

The Arthritis Center of Nebraska's Patient Portal uses leading edge technology to promote healthcare and make it easier to perform preventive care. It is an exceptional tool to communicate with our patients. The Patient Portal gives patients 24 x 7 access to their medical information from the comfort and privacy of their own home or office.

The Patient Portal allows patients to view prescription information, lab results, diagnostic results and appointment information in a timely manner. Patients can also send and receive messages to and from the doctor or nurse, complete health assessments, examine their statements to see their balance and much more.

Utilizing the Patient Portal, our staff can have faster and timelier interaction with the patient, and no wasted time playing phone tag with patients. Instant Medical History provides an additional level of secure communication between patient and provider, allowing providers to be informed and pro-active at the time of the encounter.

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