Arthritis Center of Nebraska believes patient education is a critical component in what we do. We provide a variety of resources about arthritis, osteoporosis and other autoimmune diseases and musculoskeletal conditions.

Using a cane

March 23, 2015
This short video provides instructions and a demonstration of the proper use of a cane. A cane should be used in the hand opposite of the problem. Choosing the proper height and type of cane is also important. 1:03
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Getting a closer look with Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

March 23, 2015
Board-certified rheumatologist Dr. Melvin Churchill discusses the benefits of ultrasound-guided needle diagnostic approaches to joints. Musculoskeletal ultrasound allows doctors to examine the dynamics of the anatomy with more accuracy and comfort than with previous techniques. 23:44
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When it comes to treating arthritis, think outside the (pill) box!

November 20, 2014
Heather A. Sorensen, APRN, examines the importance of weight control, nutrition, exercise, stretching, and flexibility in managing arthritis. 1:07:51

What do lab results mean?

October 16, 2014
Anne Lorenz, APRN, discusses why blood tests are instrumental for diagnosis and treatment plans. 30:00
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Discussing Injection Therapy

April 17, 2014
What is Injection Therapy and the advantages? There are clear advantages of local treatments like injection therapy over systemic treatment like oral pain medications in pain management. Injections are often the only way to find immediate relief from pain. A major...
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