Our Osteoporosis Center can help you avoid or better manage the effects of osteoporosis!

Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones become thin, fragile, and gradually more likely to break. Osteoporosis occurs more frequently in post-menopausal women, but it can also occur in men. It causes significant bone calcium loss, which can result in a severe and painful curvature of the spine called “kyphosis,” or “dowager’s hump.”

Our Osteoporosis Center provides comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, and education services to assist in the battle against this life-altering condition.

Prevention is the key to avoiding or reducing the impact of osteoporisis!

The key to avoiding the painful and crippling effects of osteoporosis is to catch it early, and keep the disease from reaching its advanced stages. A Bone Mineral Density (BMD) test available at our Osteoporosis Center of Nebraska can detect osteoporosis before it becomes an issue.  This painless test can detect the presence and severity of osteoporosis, allowing our board certified rheumatologists to help you prevent or manage this disease through education and lifestyle changes, and treatments if necessary.

Arthritis Center of Nebraska is certified in the detection of osteoporosis.

Arthritis Center of Nebraska is one of the few clinics in Nebraska to be certified in the detection of osteoporosis. Our on-site laboratory is also certified, which in most cases, allows us to provide you with your test results at the time of your visit. Not only does this provide peace of mind, but it enables our board certified rheumatologists to create a prevention or treatment plan that fits your specific needs.

When you choose Arthritis Center of Nebraska as your arthritis-specific healthcare provider, you will be treated by a staff that is widely known for incredible knowledge, quality, and compassion, in one of the best facilities the region has to offer.