Technology providing cleaner, safer air at ACN

A new Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) air-cleaning system will result in safer air for patients and staff at Arthritis Center of Nebraska. It is scheduled for installation over the Christmas holiday.

The system reduces the infectivity of certain virus by 90% or more. It produces a 99.9% inactivation rate for SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, when measured on surfaces.

The technology introduces positive and negative ions into a space via the ventilation system. The ions combine with particles suspended in the air, making them easier to capture with a filtration system. The ions also render pathogens inactive and unable to replicate.

The air-cleaning system significantly reduces particles from tuberculosis, MRSA and E. coli, among others. It also helps combat particles related to allergies and the common cold.

Systems like this have been installed in more than 250,000 spaces worldwide, such as healthcare settings, schools and offices.

In combination with personal protective equipment (PPE), the Global Plasma Solutions air-cleaning system will make Arthritis Center of Nebraska an even safer place to be.

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