What your ACN Infusion Center wants you to know about Infusion visits

1. Our infusion nurses have over 85 years of combined nursing experience!! Wow! We are very proud of our nursing team; they are a wealth of nursing knowledge and skill.

2. We have drinks and snacks, all free of charge for our patients…

3. … And wi-fi/internet capabilities! And TV! What more could you want, really…

4. Please try to contact the infusion center with any questions PRIOR to your visit. That way, we can decide if it’s best to proceed with your infusion or perhaps reschedule it. Sometimes illness, surgery, infections, or antibiotic use may mean that we want to hold off on your infusion for that day. While we love to see your smiling face, we don’t want you to waste a trip here just to find out you can’t receive your infusion.

5. When you are prescribed antibiotics, the most important thing is to take the ENTIRE course of antibiotics. The second most important thing is to notify us (well, maybe not the SECOND most important, but it’s much safer if we know what antibiotics you’re on/how long you will take them).

6. If you want to bring a guest with you, try to limit it to 1 or 2. Our infusion center is not terribly spacious, so things can get “cozy” if there are too many people. But we’d love to meet the important people in your life!

7. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids before your infusion appointments. Our nurses can start IVs with the best of ’em, but being well-hydrated makes it easier on everyone. And you will feel better after your infusion.

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