When you see a NP or PA

What your nurse practitioner (NP) and physician assistant (PA) want you to know about seeing them in the office:

  1. You can call us by our first name. We like it!
  2. If you have an appointment with a NP or PA, we can do:
    1. Injections
    2. Prescriptions
    3. Education, etc.
  3. We often have more flexible appointment times, so you may be able to see one of us before the doctor has an appointment available. Heads up though – all new patients have to see the doctor first.
  4. We work closely with the ACN physicians. We ask questions, discuss new treatments, and review the latest research with them on an almost daily basis.
  5. When we see you in the office, there is ALWAYS an ACN physician in the building. Each of our doctors are more than happy to take the time to consult on a case and give direction.
  6. We have at least a Master’s degree, take certification exams, and have current licensure under the State of Nebraska. We devoted 4-5 years after college (sometimes more!) to our education and training.
  7. We really, REALLY love what we do!
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